Safety Razors

Lather & Blade supplies the finest double edge safety razors on the market.  Our safety razors are sourced from hand selected suppliers throughout the world, providing you with only the finest premium razors.  

Double edge safety razors provide a luxurious shaving experience at a fraction of the cost.  See our selection below.


Safety Razors


When it comes to double edge safety razors, we know our stuff.  We have worked hard to provide you with the highest quality safety razors, badger brushes, soap mugs and shaving stands.   

Our safety razors are made with high-quality materials that put disposable blades to shame. At the same time, our razors employ the use of sharp and sturdy blades that make shaving an enjoyable experience. Of course, luxury is an important factor, which is why all our safety razors are designed to stand out and provide a premium shave.

Luxury usually means paying higher price, however you’ll be glad to know we work with our suppliers to provide the best prices possible.  Our double edge safety razors come at a fraction of the cost.  In addition, shaving with a safety razor saves money over time due to the affordable blades we stock. With our safety razors, luxury and performance go hand in hand at a reasonable price point.


Safety razors may have a steeper learning curve, however, after using them for a short period of time people rarely go back to shaving with a standard cartridge razor.  While we do provide cartridge razors, our favortism always leans towards safety razors and straight razors.  In general, people tend to find the following:

  • Safety razors provide less irritation
  • With proper technique and shave soap, eliminates pain and ingrown hairs
  • Shaving becomes more enjoyable 
  • It is more environmentaly friendly
  • Safety razors cost much less to maintain because of high quality, cheap blades
  • Provides more control, creating a closer, more even shave


The first modern safety razor was created by William S. Henson after he filed a patent for its design in 1847. While Henson first created the safety razor, it wasn’t until 1901 when King C. Gillette submitted a patent for a disposable double edge safety razor design that was easy to use. Gillette’s clever invention was a hit and it was even mass produced for American soldiers fighting in World War I. In fact, Gillette’s double edge razor was so in-demand, its production amounted to 3.5 million razors and around 32 million blades.


Using a safety razor can be intimidating, so we've put together a brief overview of how to propery use a double edge razor.  


Having a clean shave cannot be done quickly, it takes time and preperation.  However, with practice this process can be fast and efficient. The first step is to prepare your facial hair before the actual shaving process can even begin. To do this, take a warm bath to get rid of any dirt in your face. The hot water will also soften up your facial hair and make it easier for them to be trimmed.

If you don’t have the time to take a bath, you can achieve the same result with the use of a hot towel. Rub it on the areas you’re going to shave to soften your facial hair and open your pores. Once you’re done prepping, you can proceed to creating your lather.


First, get a small amount of shaving cream and place it inside a mug or any water container. Mix the shaving cream with a pre-soaked brush to make it thick and foamy. Once it is nice and thick, apply the cream on your face in a circular motion. This is called the lather.

Basically, a lather is used to provide a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. It is made up of a heavy cream that makes the hair soft and smooth so the blade can easily cut through them.

Once your face is covered with a foamy lather, you can begin shaving. Make sure the areas with all the facial hair you’re going to shave is covered completely with lather. If you missed a spot, shaving that particular area will be painful and cause irritation.


Once you have done the first two steps, you can now get your double edge safety razor. Apply a small amount of pressure as the razor glides on your face. Make sure it is angled away from your face and shave with the grain, not against it.

The beauty of safety razors are their weight and design.  The weight of the razor is meant to provide enough pressure on your face to let the blade do the work.  You do not need to apply additional pressure for a closer shave.  If you feel that you need more pressure, you may consider looking at our heavy weight razors.


The results you get when shaving with a safety razor depend on many factors: how you prepare the beard, the shaving technique employed, the type of safety razor used and the post shave measures you take.

The shaving technique plays a critical role in determining the ultimate results. Shaving against the grain can help you get the smooth feel. However, you run the risk of irritating your skin and making small cuts on your face. When you shave with the grain of your beard it isn't as aggressive and reduces irriation and redness. .  

Choosing the right razor is important.  For shavers new to wet shaving, we always recommend a closed comb razor. This is a test. Safety Razor.  Our favorites are the R89 by Muhle and 64S by Parker