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Welcome to Lather & Blade. Our team has hand selected the highest quality shaving supplies on the market for your enjoyment.

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Muhle provides the world's best shaving supplies.  Each razor, brush and stand is handmade in Germany.  If you want the best, this is where to start.



We offer a great selection of Parker shaving supplies on our site.  Parker delivers a great quality product at a reasonable price point.  This is perfect for entry level shavers.


Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger was founded in 1988 and provides exceptional shaving supplies.  Much of the appeal of Edwin Jagger has much to do with the owner's personal input on it's products.

Edwin Jagger


benefits of using a double edge safety razor

Safety razors provide a clean, smooth shave while delivering an experience like no other.  Safety razors also save you money - Blades are cheaper and last longer than other razors.  

The options for double edge safety razors are endless, so at Lather & Blade we have hand selected premium quality safety razors at the best prices possible.  

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Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

See our carefully selected pure badger hair shaving brushes.  Badger hair provides a rich and foamy lather in order to achieve a smooth, comfortable shave. 

Lather & Blade's collection has a wide variety of badger hair brushes, including pure badger hair, silvertip badger hair, boar hair and synthetic hair brushes.

Pair your favorite brush with our ceramic and metal shaving bowls and soaps.

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